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Al Cruz

Cruz is a scientist, engineer and inventor.  


From 1999 to 2004, as chief scientist and CEO of MicroIdea Research (Hawthorne, California), he implemented a complexity-based laboratory to develop nano-scale hardware and software platforms for data communication. Collaborators included:  NASA, Rockwell, and UCLA.  From 2005-2008, he carried out his own research and built an international network of scientists and institutions to develop his renewable energy invention.


He began his career selected by the Japanese government to be privately educated in Japan at both the University of Tokyo and at Hitachi Research, graduating in process engineering. He then was appointed by the government to integrate an international group at Hitachi Research in Hitachi City that developed the first fully computer-automated thin steel milling process—a project that led to the feasibility of the light car industry. He was then hired by a European-Japanese multi-government consortium as automation coordinator to create fully automated heavy industries for the thick steel industry.  Among the major companies involved were: Nippon Steel Corp. / JP, Kawasaki/ Heavy Industries JP, Mistubishi/ JP, Italimpianti SpA/IT, Digital Equipment Corporation (Computer architecture/ US and Artificial intelligence/ Germany).  


Education: Doctorate level research in Advancements in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos and an invited guest (University of California Santa Cruz). Advanced Science and Topology studies (University of Paris, France). Master in Process Engineering and Computer Control (Hitachi and University of Tokyo, Japan). Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (Pontifical Catholic University and Philips, Netherlands).

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