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CUP Sciences

Center for Unconventional Processes of Sciences

Northern Lights

Applications from the Physics of Complexity and Chaotic Systems

CUP Sciences is pioneering an entirely new field of engineering  complexity (or chaos) based technologies that address critical challenges for sustainable development.   

In 2009, distinguished scientists working at different institutions within the fields of nonlinear physics, chaos theory, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, parallel supercomputer simulations, optics, and nano-chemistry came together to form an informal international consortium to work on applications from this new area of science, coordinated by CUP Sciences (Center for Unconventional Processes of Science) in California, USA.


One such technology - Post-Quantum Perfect Secrecy Cryptography - was published in Nature Communications in 2019 and was granted an international patent in 2021.  Other technologies are under development by CUP subsidiary in the Netherlands, PERA Complexity. 


“Now that after years of research we are finally going to be implementing technologies based on complexity—a science that has been dedicated to the study of natural phenomenon—we believe that our company together with our partners can propose a synchronicity between natural processes and human-made technologies based on the same principles and help to speed up solutions to the most challenging global threats society will be facing,” says Quelita Moreno co-founder of CUP Sciences. 

Founding Directors

Al Cruz

Science Director

Quelita Moreno

Strategy Director

About Us

CUP Sciences has its operating headquarters in California, USA.  CUP Sciences centers on advancing science, notably in analyzing, simulating and designing new technological structures based on complexity/chaos theories aimed at high social impact.  CUP Sciences has teamed up with distinguished scientists and institutions around the globe.

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