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CUP Sciences

Center for Unconventional Processes of Sciences

Northern Lights

Complex Energy Project

2009 to present

In 2009, distinguished scientists working at different institutions within the fields of nonlinear physics, chaos theory, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, parallel supercomputer simulations, optics, and nano-chemistry came together to form an informal international consortium called the Complex Energy Project, coordinated by CUP Sciences (Center for Unconventional Processes of Science) in California, USA. The Complex Energy proof of concept was achieved in Germany in December of 2014.  CUP Sciences is developing its new form of energy - complex energy -  with applications  such as: capturing, transmission and non-intermittent energy storage.  Other fields of research include: Cryptography, Nano-medicine, Desalination, and Solar Fuels.

About Us

CUP Sciences has its operating headquarters in California, USA.  CUP Sciences centers on advancing science, notably in analyzing, simulating and designing new technological structures based on complexity/chaos theories aimed at high social impact.  CUP Sciences has teamed up with distinguished scientists and institutions around the globe.

Founding Managers

Al Cruz

Science Director

Quelita Moreno

Strategy Director

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